The future of money is digital currency ~ Bill Gates

Cryptocurrency is a type of electronic cash that is created using propelled encryption methods which are known as cryptography. The cryptographic currency was just an idea at first, but later on, the entry of Bitcoin made its jump in the market.

Bitcoin is a decentralized virtual currency which does several functions such as currency generation, transactions, verifications, and more. At the time; Bitcoin flourished a market estimation of over $2 billion at its pinnacle which is a hefty amount in itself. It functions very differently from the local currency as it is entirely dependent on how much people are willing to pay for it at a time. Bitcoin’s source code used complex coding and algorithms to prevent it from more duplication or other same creation. These algorithms based on advanced mathematics principles and laws.

The advantages are:

  • One of the significant benefits of Bitcoin is that it does not require any credit or interference from government.
  • The most favorable thing is that it widely accepted without any hassle.
  • The security so much integrated that it almost impossible to break its code virtually

Moreover, it also faces Disadvantages;

Where there are so many applications of Bitcoin, there it is also considered to be one of the most popular currencies of people who illegal activities, frauds, scams, smuggling. However, the financial crime branches are making their best efforts to regulate their laws against the more secure Bitcoin transaction and processing. Furthermore, Bitcoin is not the End; there are Alternatives as well. Apart from Bitcoin’s extreme popularity, there are some fantastic alternative cryptocurrencies as well. Have a look at some.

Ethereum is also a decentralized Cryptocurrency launched back in 2014 which is commonly known as ether. It can easily transfer to an account by using the same block chain principle. Ethereum has consequently created a digital currency which from the earlier takes after the Bitcoin because both given exchanges checked by a system and working through confirmation of count which makes it conceivable to pay the miners easily.

Advantages of Ethereum are much more than Bitcoin. Ethereum has no limit, and that is why there is no inflation related problem in it. Similarly, Ethereum has no restriction regarding MB as well. The ether mined in around 14 seconds, and in spite of the fact that to affirm an exchange, the organizations require 30 affirmations for the Ether, not at all like a single one in Bitcoin. It is much quicker to perform a function as compared to it. The contrast between Bitcoin and Ethereum lies principally in the core use that can be constructed for these two popular technologies and it may be clear that this advancement would bring new perspectives and more significant dimensions shortly.

Litecoin viewed as Bitcoin’s heading rival towards the present, and one of the leading reasons for its creations is to make the transactions super-fast. It is capable of making eight times more transactions as compared to which Bitcoin does in 10 minutes. Similarly, the confirmation time is also much faster as compared to Bitcoin, so a person does not have to be patient for a more extended period.  Blocks are also not full so, storage is easy to manage because the block time is much faster that helps in better security to prevent further attacks. Anti-spam protection is also present there. The network is also well-established which works at the hash rate of 7,153 GH/s. This hash rate is relatively high as compared to other such alternatives and greater insecurity. Moreover, The longevity is also one of its high most attributes. It is also possible to make random changes in Litecoin which was not possible in Bitcoin. Similarly, continuous development is going on in the field of Litecoin to make it more profitable for the new generation.

It is true that there are certain limitations of cryptocurrencies apart from so many advantages like computer crash or hacking scams, but one can easily control it as the time passes. The more popular it would become, the more government would take interest to regulate laws against its use in future.