Workspace as a Service

The latest change in office workstation services has spurred the shifting of on-premise services to cloud-based services at a rapid rate. Employees and organizations are now relying on Cloud-based services more than ever because of their flexibility, backup, enhanced security, and ease-of-use. Workspace as a Service is one such cloud-based service which strips away the limitations of location, software and hardware resources which may hinder the path towards business growth in an elastic manner.

What is Workspace as a Service?

Workspace as a Service, abbreviated as WaaS, is a Virtual Desktop which offers all the features and benefits of actual desktop computers without any geographical or device restrictions. The office workers can access their office data and work files from anywhere in the world. Since WaaS offers virtual handling and completion of all the office-related tasks, it also provides a good range of office applications and productivity programs such as:

  • Anti-virus software.
  • Backup features
  • Productivity apps like Office 365

Some WaaS providers offer more than 2,200 productivity applications, all aimed at enhancing the user experience.

The working and configuration of WaaS are highly simplistic and time-saving. If we view from employees’ point of view, the employees first log into their WaaS provider from their device by virtue if a remote client. After they have logged in, employees provided with a virtual desktop environment which looks and acts exactly like their computer located in the office.

Benefits of Workspace as a Service for a business:

Small businesses which do not have much budget to afford the installation of resources and hiring of suitable professional for the handling of their IT services are efficiently making use of WaaS because of its many benefits which include:

Enhanced productivity:

WaaS offers the same environment and user interface as that of an office computer. This means that additional training of staff is not needed to equip them with the features and usage of the virtual network. Since users are not required to take other training sessions, not only the time is saved, but also they can handle their work efficiently. WaaS also enhances efficiency and productivity by eliminating location restrictions.

Reduced Cost:

By eradicating the need of hiring professionals and installing IT resources, WaaS offers significant cuts in costs of an organization. The workers can perform better for shorter durations of time which leads to more enormous profits. WaaS features automatic updating of the server and employees do not need to renew the servers. Waas is a cost-effective cloud-based solution to streamline the performance and growth of the organizations.

BYOD Support:

Millennials and small startup employers prefer to Bring Your Device from the employee’s side. WaaS eliminates the need for sticking to only one setup of office hardware and software for the accomplishment of tasks. Not to mention the ease of use which every employee enjoys on his device. By promoting BYOD support, WaaS is rapidly becoming one of the most favorite cloud-based solutions adopted by small business and new startups.

To fully master WaaS, understanding cloud technologies such as Cloud Strategy & Implementation is essential for success.

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