Video gaming is one of the subjects of which the pros are always listed with the cons. No one dares to talk about the advantages of video gaming without talking about its disadvantages. Many researchers have kept their research topics to analyze the effects of video gaming on gamers. To argue that gaming has more adverse effects now become a little old since there have various researchers with clear evidence of how many ways this is beneficial. You can’t get much if you abuse something, same is the case for video gaming. Some of the significant ways that gaming shouldn’t be forsaken follow:

Motor Skills

With automation increasing and people staying on their chairs just scrolling down the social media, gaming adds to some of their skills. The motor skills which used to be extraordinary for children who engaged in outdoor sports are now nowhere to find. Some of the motor skills can now be improved even if the kid is indoor and in front of a computer screen. The video games nowadays are complex. One needs to move quickly and have such coordination that he/she can control the player yet do more than one task in the game — the hand-to-eye coordination increases. This is a proven fact since experiments were done keeping a group of gamers and non-gamers under study and look at how well their reflexes work with everyday chores that require coordination and focus.

Decision Making

Now, this may come as a shock to many but games, in fact, affect your decision-making skills. While in the game people have to make decisions every second and these decisions decide whether they get to succeed or its game over. This part of the video games improves the ability of the person to make decisions quicker than he/she did. The best games that can help with this are the strategic and action games. The strategic ones teach the person to plan and plan in a way that they get to whatever treasure the game promises. The action games are the ones which are way too fast, but this speed is what drives the decision making. Due to this immense speed, people are to play accordingly, and when they adjust with Agile Scrum, they are increasing the rate at which they are making decisions.


When gaming was first introduced, it was considered a way to blind the younger generation. Staying hours in front of the screen was thought to be devastating for the eyes. This was partially true since the decreased blinking during the game can cause strain, yet it is not exactly something that can make your eyesight weak. In actuality, the action games increase the sight in a way that the person playing them has a better understanding of the contrasts since the entire thing is based upon how good you look and distinguish the things to get the most benefit from it.

Research every day is changing and evolving, and it is time that it is taken seriously.