Privacy was once considered as a choice. It was something that depended upon the person and whether he or she would like to keep his information private. However, with the way the social media platforms are hungry for information it is evident that it isn’t a choice, it isn’t something personal. Let’s get into the way of how the social media of one person can affect people he/she may know.

Shadow Profiles

It is essential that a person is aware of what he/she is sharing with the social media. Around 2013 it was contemplated that the social media is capable of harvesting a shadow profile even for the people who are not using any form of social media if their friends are. The second a person lets Facebook, or any other website access his contacts he is giving almost half of the information needed to create a profile. It has seen that people who were on Facebook and yet didn’t have some info filled out like there contact information, Facebook was smart enough to fill in those through the data it collected from the person’s friends. The idea of shadow profiles emerged from there. Facebook has the data to create a profile since analyzing the data can lead to the knowledge of the sex, marital status, and interests of a person who is not even on Facebook. Imagine how powerful will be the shadow profile of a person who already uses Facebook?


While installing an application one is excited and when the application is asking for permissions a person without even reading goes for the easy way ‘Allow.’ Now among these permissions, one is usually the permission to access the location of a person. Firstly, the location access is one of the most intimate information since it gives access to your movements and your routes. Your entire history of places can be stored in the clouds and used to interpret where you would be at any time of the day. One might think that the information is useless to Facebook and why would they even be interested in such information. However, imagine what happens if the network goes down or let’s say someone hacks into the Facebook database? The information can be out in the open in no time and theft, and crimes worse can become common since people will have access to your routines and SAFe courses of where you can be found at.

Identity Theft

With the amount of information that you share on social media, your identity can easily be stolen. People are always in search of profiles they can take the identity from and make them theirs. They use your personal information and then go for algorithms to get a match with your password to get into your account. Moreover, once they are in, they change the linked ID and password and your control over your personal information, messages, pictures, and everything is lost in a matter of seconds, and there is no going back.