iPhone X as the Vlogging camera

iPhone X is by far the latest creation by Apple. Despite its high cost, iPhone X has gained a great deal of popularity, and its sales are increasing with every passing day. Since most of the vlogging cameras fall under the same price range as that of an iPhone X, one cannot help but ask himself if he should buy a multi-purpose phone than a limited-purpose camera. The answer to this question lies in the camera quality of iPhone X when compared to the top-rated vlogging cameras. No doubt iPhone X lags in some respects as compared professional vlogging camera, it still is very much a wise choice for a vlogging device.

iPhone X has its benefits and quirks including:

1. Exposure

iPhone is useful for detecting and grading exposure. An excellent on-head exposure will deliver a good video recording.  The struggle for image exposure is real when it comes to standard smartphone cameras. So is the case with iPhone X. However, proper light concentration can fix it quickly.

2. Image stabilization

iPhone X features an inbuilt image stabilization feature which can automatically focus on your face while recording. The only problem is regarded as consistency. Parts of video frame edges also lose as the stabilization needs zooming in.

3. Vlogging Essentials

We all know that for a proper vlogging setup you need a video recording device which can support a microphone. iPhone X features dual cameras and an in-built mic to qualify as a good Vlogging device. External microphones and HD lenses can connect for a smooth and refined vlogging.

4. Simple settings and easy startup

With iPhone X, all assemblage and startup needs have reduced to zero. All that you need is a working iPhone X connected to microphones, associated accessories and you are all set for recording. The simple iOS software makes Vlogging a straightforward job.

5. Marvels at indoor recording

iPhone X is designed explicitly for usual video recording. In indoor conditions, the recording capabilities of iPhone X tremendously enhanced. It can grade vibrant colors and create detailed images. However, it struggles with the free recording where it needs background exposure adjustment.

6. Exceptional Slo-Mo and optical zoom

iPhone X features remarkable slo-mo functions. You can easily switch between the usual 1080p recording at 240 fps and the latest 4K recording at 60fps. These features are the main reason as to why iPhone X can easily replace some of the expensive and professional vlogging cameras. Similarly, to achieve 2X zoom in with your phone, all you must do is tap on the screen and voila!

7. Easy switching to HQ mode and great storage

The iPhone X supports external mics such as the Zoom IQ6 or the Zoom IQ7 to upgrade to a high-quality audio recording device. You can also install brilliant yet straightforward HD video recording software to switch to HD recording mode. The new HEVC format tremendously increases the file storage ability for storing large video files.

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