How to make prolonged standing easy by a smart device?

While technology has brought some marvelous benefits since the time of its introduction, however, technology is not all about ‘benefits’ only. There are harms of using technology as well. One of which is that most of the people today spend their time indoors where half of their time is spent sitting.

For making your standing hours just as equal to your sitting ones, here we are presenting to you an Automatic Adjustable Standing Desk.

What is an Automatic Adjustable Standing Desk?

Just as its name suggests that an automated adjustable standing desk is what you might need in your office or at your home, it adjusts easily as per your height or need whether you want to read something while sitting or it’s some urgent work you have to do while standing, this makes it easier for you.


Since these desks come in a variety, thus the functionality of each desk may have a slight difference. If you look at this desk, it comes in the 23.6” to 48.4” height. With highly adjustable and easily customizable features, automated adjustable desk can make your all body aches go away.

Moreover, if you look closely, then you would notice how flexible it is to work on such desks. Just by pressing one button of your desk, you can bring down the desk as per your need. Similarly, if you wish to work standing up, then just by pressing the button another time, you can make it go up again. That’s how easy it is to move up and down. Moreover, this is how it works.


An automated adjustable standing desk can be helpful to you in many ways. Some of them are as follows:

  • Burn Calories: Just by standing a lot more than sitting for one week can make an individual lose up to 1000 calories, says the calorie calculator.
  • Keeps You Away from Procrastination: Standing desks promote productivity and thus keeps one away from laziness. Also, standing more than sitting can make a person feel much stronger than before.
  • Can Make Your Cognitive Skills Better: According to a Harvard report, if an individual replaces his chairs with some standing desks, then it can result in the improvement of his cognitive skills.
  • Helps You in Leading a Healthier Life: People who believe in having a healthy lifestyle would feel a difference after using standing desks. For sitting all day is new smoking, say the experts.


While there are so many pros of using such an overly-awesome standing desk which can quickly get adjustable as per your needs. However, there are some cons too of using this desk.

  • Can Cause Joints and Muscle Pain: If you don’t sit or change positions while standing then this can result in you having joints and muscles pain.
  • Can Prevent You from Wearing Heels: If you are a woman, then standing for exaggeratingly long hours without sitting in between can make your heels ache.
  • Body Pain: Moreover, your standing posture is not correct; it can lead you towards having more body pain.


In our opinion, these three reasons should be enough for you to buy this desk. Agile Scrum is great to make employees adept in handling Agile-esque tasks at work.

  • Say Good Bye to Your Lower back, back and Neck Pain
  • No Hassle of Manual Functioning
  • Can be Customized as Per One’s Requirements